Optical Fiber Infrastructure Solutions

Optical Fiber Infrastructure Solutions

Optical Fiber Infrastructure Solutions

In Large Network Infrastructures, connections inside the building, between rooms and between floors are provided with Fiber Optic cables in order to eliminate the restrictions that may arise from distance. Horizontal connections are made through Copper Cables. MultiMode Fiber Optic Cables are used in campus environments, depending on the distance, considered communication speed and costs. In the distances where these cables are insufficient, connections are made over SingleMode Fiber Optic Cables. Considering the cost, it may be preferable to connect with copper cables at short distances where it is possible to sacrifice speed.

Set İletişim Fiber Optik Altyapı Çözümleri

Set Communication and Integration Technologies produces solutions by following the latest technological developments in this field with Professional Teams in Fiber Optic Infrastructure Studies.

  • Optical Fiber Cabling Services
  • Optical Fiber Cable route preparation,
  • Cable Drawing and installation workmanship.
  • Optical Fiber Fusion Termination

– Termination of fiber optic cables ends with Fusion devices and commissioning.

– Pigtail termination with ST / SC / MTRJ / LC Fiber optic connectors on all fiber optic cables indoor, outdoor

– Newly drawn MM.SM. ST-SC-MTRJ-LC connector Epoxy-fusion splice pigtail termination on the panel-box sides of fiber optic cables

– Broken, broken, worn, worn Fiber optic ST-SC-MTRJ-LC.vb .. Optical connector ends renewal termination process

– Making core to core "end to end" fiber optic splicing of broken, broken, old fiber lines

– Making addition of fiber optic cable, which is short, length will be extended, transferred and replaced, in underground splice box


– OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) workmanship, detection of decibel (dB) losses of the fiber optic cable commissioned

We offer you fiber optic terminations with Fujikura Fusion in the most appropriate and effective solution analysis.